Session D, July 21, 2020, 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ET
Staying Fully Stocked:  Trends in Professional Practice

Session Chairs:  Mary-Anne Hildebrandt, P.Geo, Resource Geologist at De Beers Group and James Whyte, P.Geo., Senior Geologist, Ontario Securities Commission
A moderated Q & A will follow after the panel presentations.


Presentation 1:  MECP’s New On-Site and Excess Soil Management Regulation

Karan Jandoo and Brigid Burke, Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) - SEE SPEAKER'S BIO

Ontario has finalized and is beginning to implement new regulatory changes that will make it safer and easier for more excess soil to be reused locally, while ensuring human health and the environment are protected.

This presentation will provide an overview of O. Reg. 406/19 – the new On-Site and Excess Soil Management Regulation, including key implementation dates.

Presentation 2:  Best Practice Guidelines for Mineral Deposit Discovery and Definition

Speaker: Reno Pressacco, SLR Consulting - SEE SPEAKER'S BIO

The presentation will be addressed towards mineral exploration geologists who are working on mineral properties that are at the deposit discovery and delineation stages. The objective of the session will be to discuss a number of the best practices that should be considered during the course of the planning and execution of these drilling campaigns. The expected outcome is to achieve a high quality data set for use by Practitioners for preparation of Mineral Resource estimates in the most efficient and economical manner as possible.

Specific topics covered will include the technical items in relation to creation of a robust drill hole database and preparation of supporting documentation which summarizes the current understanding of the controls on the mineralization and the distribution of the metal grades. Additional topics will include a review of the requirements of other Practitioners as the mineral deposit advances through the development stage. Decisions made and information collected at the deposit discovery stage can result in material time and cost savings as the project advances.

Presentation 3: So You Have a Mineral Deposit, Now What? 

Lawrence Devon Smith, P.Eng., LDS Consulting - SEE SPEAKER'S BIO

The presentation will look at the early stages of a mineral deposit from the point of view of mineral economics. It will begin with the premise that the deposit must be capable of making a profit.

So how does the geologist (geoscientist) demonstrate this from the initial discovery? What information is required, where can it be obtained? What is the basis for calculations? What lies ahead before the deposit can become a mine? How does all this information lead to making a profit? These are some of the questions that this presentation will address.

Presentation 4:  Emerging Technology and the Evolving Role of Geologist in the Digital Era

Speaker:  Dr. Gargi Mishra, Hatch Ltd - SEE SPEAKER'S BIO

This presentation will touch on the following:
- Mining in the age of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR): What does it mean where the future is heading?
- Key trends in mining future minerals and market trends
- Emerging technologies in mining and exploration, in particular AI to blockchain current case examples
- Future Geologists: Will there still be boots on the ground?
- The workforce of the future: How we can enable the development of the skills required to run mines of the future now? 

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