Becoming a GIT gives you peace of mind while you acquire 48 months of geoscience work experience, while having access to the benefits of being a registrant of PGO. It means that once you have gained 48 months of geoscience experience, your transition to become a full practising registrant is a simple and straightforward one. By becoming a GIT, your knowledge requirements will be assessed, meaning that you do not have to repeat the process to become a practising member. It is a good opportunity for internationally trained applicants to have their knowledge requirements and work experience assessed and to know if further experience is required to qualify for practising membership. Most Geoscience employers in Canada prefer to employ GIT’s.
Becoming a GIT demonstrates that you are giving serious consideration to becoming registered as a geoscientist in Ontario. It allows you to keep up to date with new developments through our Field Notes newsletter, and receive information and invitations to PGO meetings, webinars, mentoring, and networking events.
If you are a recent graduate of Bachelor of Science degree, or equivalent, and apply for membership within 6 months of your date of graduation, the first year of annual dues is waived. Please note that the application fee still applies.

How do I apply?

How long does it take?

How much will it cost?

For more information about applying to PGO, please review the Guidelines to Registration for Membership.
For application related enquiries please email