How do I apply?

Click here to download a checklist of documents needed to apply as a temporary registrant for incidental practice.

o apply for incidental practice registration in Ontario under the Ontario Labour Mobility Act you must:

  1. STEP 1: Complete the Application Form 
    Download and complete the application form for incidental practice in Ontario.
    The duration of practise is charged on a monthly basis, so please input the number of months that you would like, for a maximum of 12. For an incidental practice registration, you must provide a description of the work that you intend to do in Ontario, however, if this changes, you can use the extension of registration application form to let us know.

  2. STEP 2: Submit the Application Form Along with the Application Fee
    Send the completed application form, along with the application fee to The application fee can be paid using the credit card payment form, go to forms and guidelines to choose the correct credit card payment form for your location. Payment can also be made by cheque, by mailing it along with your application form to the PGO office. The cheque must be made payable to the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario. Payment can also be made by e-transfer, to Please put your name, registration number (if you have one), and “incidental practice registration application fee”, in the message box

  3. STEP 3: Request Confirmation from your Jurisdiction of Registration
    Send the confirmation request form to the jurisdictions that you are registered with. They will then complete the form and return it to PGO

  4. STEP 4: Pay the dues for your Incidental Practice Registration
    PGO will process your application and will send you an invoice for the appropriate dues to be paid for the duration of your incidental practice registration. Once the dues have been paid, your registration will be activated.