For P.Geo.'s Registered in another Canadian Jurisdiction

If you are currently registered as a Professional Geoscientist in another Canadian Province or Territory and you want to practise in Ontario for a limited duration, then please use this application.

Incidental practice is defined as geoscience practice that is related to a specific professional engagement in Ontario of a short duration. Incidental practice is part of the PGO Temporary Registration category of registration and is now available on a monthly basis. The Temporary registration is only available for a maximum of 36 months within a 48-month period. Once the 36-month period of Temporary registration has been used, the registrant will not be eligible for temporary registration during the five years following the most recent registration, but will remain eligible for full Practicing registration with PGO. Please read the information provided in the links below carefully.

If you are a registered P.Geo., P.Geoph., G.P., or géo. in good standing with another regulatory body/ordre in Canada, your application for PGO registration is governed by the Ontario Labour Mobility Act.

How does incidental practice work?
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How to extend your incidental practice registration?

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For more information about applying to PGO, please review the Guidelines to Registration for Membership.
For application related enquiries please email