Any registrant of the public (including another registrant of PGO or PGO itself) who has been directly or indirectly affected may make a complaint respecting the conduct of a registrant or certificate holder registered with PGO. A complaint made by a person who has been indirectly affected may be substantiated by documentation, circumstantial evidence or by admission of the practitioner. Section 41 of the Act allows the association to deal with a complaint respecting the conduct of a former registrant or certificate holder who was registered with PGO.

The complaints process deals with your concerns about the actions and conduct of registered practitioners to ensure that the public interest, welfare and safety are protected.

The complaints process deals only with your concerns about professional and ethical practice and cannot be used to obtain financial redress from a registrant or certificate holder. Alternatives for this purpose include filing a suit against the registrant in the civil courts. Making a complaint is not an alternative to the civil courts. There is no fee for filing a complaint; however, you will need to provide a written summary of the facts and evidence to support your concern. When you report a concern to the Registrar of PGO, a three-stage process is set in motion. The first two stages may take several months and involve the Registrar and the Complaints Committee. A complaint that is referred to the third stage of the process, a discipline hearing, may take longer.

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