PGO's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program Requirement

PGO Practising and Limited members require thirty (30) CPD hours
annually in a minimum of two (2) of four (4) established categories: Education, Participation, Presentations, and Contribution to Knowledge. Please see the CPD Guidelines for full details. Category descriptions and entry examples may be found in PGO's CPD Activities document.

A maximum of 20 hours are allowed in any one category (e.g. Education) per reporting year with the ability to roll excess hours forward for a maximum of two (2) years.

A minimum of 20 Geoscience hours are required per reporting year. Up to 10 "Other" hours may be entered each year, but are not required. “Geoscience” and “Other” hour descriptions and entry examples may be found in PGO's CPD Activities document.

Reporting shall be done using the online reporting system available on the association website.

CPD Reporting Due Date: The online CPD reporting due date for all CPD reports is midnight EST, March 31 of the year following the year being reported on. At midnight EST on March 31 of each year, the ability to report CPD hours for the previous CPD year closes.


Professional Practice Guidelines

There are currently a number of committees within PGO that are working on developing professional practice guidelines for each of the major areas of geoscience practice. The following are PDF formats of these guidelines.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program Requirements: Guidelines for Practising Members.

PGO Guideline on Professional Geoscientists Reviewing Work Prepared By Another Geoscientist August 2019: The purpose of the guideline is to aid geoscientists in performing their specified role, and more.

Mineral Exploration Best Practices Guidelines June 2000 (under review): The Mining Standards Task Force guidelines prepared to assist the Qualified Person in the planning and supervision of exploration programs.

PGO adopted General Professional Practice Guidelines for Environmental Geoscience September 2003 (under review): A professional technical guidance document for reference by PGO members in conducting their professional geoscience work.

PGO adopted Professional Practice Guidelines for Advertising and use of the PGO Identification and Logo (2019): A professional guidance document for reference by PGO members and C of A holders for use of the PGO design and general advertising guidelines.

PGO adopted Professional Practice Guidelines for Groundwater Resources Evaluation, Development, Management and Protection Programs in Ontario October 2004 (under review): A professional guidance document prepared by the Groundwater Resources Sub-Committee of the Professional Practice Committee for reference by PGO members and C of A holders conducting all geoscientific work concerning groundwater resources.

General Professional Practice Guidelines for Geophysicists July 2019: These guidelines have been prepared by Professional Geoscientists Ontario (PGO) to assist Professional Geoscientists (P.Geo.) in the planning and execution of geophysical programs. These guidelines have also been prepared to assist Professional Engineers (P.Eng.) who are qualified to practice professional geoscience in accordance with The Professional Geoscientist’s Act, 2000.

PGO Guidance on Document Authentication May 2013: A professional guidance document prepared in accordance with the Professional Geoscientists Act (2000). This guidance document provides direction on document authentication, which can also be referred to as either “sealing and signing” or “stamping and signing”.