An applicant for registration as a professional geoscientist is required to demonstrate at least 4 years (48 months) of verifiable and acceptable geoscience work experience. An applicant will have obtained work experience wherein knowledge of geoscience theory is combined with an awareness of the necessity for accuracy, thoroughness and critical thought in all phases of geoscience practice. To supplement knowledge of geoscience theory, an applicant must demonstrate an exposure to, and practise experience in each of the following five areas: 

  1. Practical experience in the application of geoscience theory. An applicant’s practical work experience should include some application of geoscience theory in each of the following areas: development and implementation, analysis, integration and synthesis, testing methods, and implementation methods.

  1. Practical experience in the understanding of geoscience processes and systems. An applicant should have obtained practical geoscience work experience in each of the following areas: an understanding of the function of components of geoscientific work as part of the geosystem, an understanding of the limitations of practical geoscience and related human systems in achieving desired goals, and an understanding of the significance of time in geoscientific processes and an appreciation for the sequences and rates of natural occurrence of geoscientific processes in the natural environment.

  1. Management of geoscience projects. An applicant should have obtained experience in the management of geoscientific projects. Such work experience may include the actual management of projects, supervision of staff, general exposure to a business environment, and management of geoscientific technology. Components of management may involve any of the following: planning, scheduling, budgeting, supervision, project control, understanding of risk assessment, and knowledge and understanding of codes, standards, regulations and laws that govern applicable professional geoscientific activities, overall project activities and end uses of geoscientific activities.

  1. Proficiency in communication. An applicant should have a proficiency in both oral and written communication skills. An applicant shall provide, if requested by the Registrar and/or the Registration Committee, examples of having fluency skills in the following areas: written work and presentations.

  1. Awareness of societal implications. An applicant should have obtained work experience that recognises societal implications of geoscience practise. An applicant must demonstrate an awareness of economic, safety, environmental or societal consequences with respect to such individual’s work experience.

For additional information on each category, please see the Qualifying Work Experience Requirements – Schedule B. Below are three examples of previously submitted work experience records:

Click here for the Work Experience Record template.

An applicant may be granted up to 12 months credit for pre-graduation experience gained after the second year of university but prior to receiving a B.Sc. degree, up to 12 months additional credit for work experience gained during an M.Sc. program, and a further 12 months credit for work experience gained during a Ph.D. program.