An applicant for practising, limited, and when appropriate, temporary membership must supply three selected referees with the Membership Reference Form to verify the content of an applicant’s work experience. Of the three referees, at least one must be a practising geoscientist registered with a geoscience regulatory body in Canada. Another must be either a professional geoscientist registered in Canada or a professional engineer (P.Eng.) registered with a Canadian engineering regulatory body who is qualified to conduct geoscience. The third reference can be anyone who knows the applicant well.

An applicant for Geoscientist-in-Training (G.I.T.) must submit only one reference at the time of applying. The referee is attesting to the character of the applicant. If the applicant has completed any geoscience work experience and is reporting that work experience for the G.I.T. application, the referee may attest to that geoscience work experience if the referee is able to do so.

An applicant’s referee(s) must e-mail their completed referee form together with the completed Work Experience Record (WER) form (if applicable) directly to PGO.