To practise as a professional geoscientist in Ontario, Geoscientists Canada recommends a 4-year bachelor of science degree in an area of geoscience awarded by a Canadian University, or the equivalent, which meets the entry level knowledge requirements set by the PGO Registration Committee and as approved by Council. All credentials are assessed by the Registration Committee against the specified knowledge requirements to determine if the PGO minimum criteria for admission to professional practise have been met.

The following is a summary of knowledge requirements that are detailed in the Geoscientists Canada Geoscience Knowledge and Experience Requirements for Professional Registration in Canada booklet:

  1. 1A – Compulsory Foundation Science (3 EUs)
    1B – Additional Foundation Science (6 EUs)
    2A – Compulsory Foundation Geoscience (4 EUs)
    2B – Additional Foundation Geoscience (5 EUs)
    2C – Other Geoscience/Science (9 EUs)

The basic unit utilised in a knowledge requirement assessment is an educational unit or EU. One EU is defined as formal instruction equivalent to one semester (13 week, 0.5 credit course or 3 credit course, depending on university).
For additional information on the PGO Knowledge Requirements, including the self-assessment template, please ­click here.
Canadian Transcripts: An applicant whose undergraduate/postgraduate geoscience degree(s) have been awarded by a Canadian University must ensure that an official copy of their academic transcript is sent directly to PGO from the institution from which they received their degree.
International Transcripts: An applicant whose undergraduate/postgraduate geoscience degree(s) have been awarded outside of Canada must be assessed for equivalency, on a course-by-course basis, and should be sent by the applicant’s university/institution to an assessment service. One such organisation that provides both certified translation services and academic assessments is World Education Services (WES). For additional information on costs and translation/assessment services please contact WES at