APGO Member Survey 2013 Results

Gord White, CEO

APGO sent an online survey to the membership in August to gather data for September’s strategic planning session of the Council.  Here’s what we found out from our members:


·         276 members completed the survey

·         Nearly half of the respondents have been members for 9 years or more

·         They wrote more than 450 comments

·         The members ranked what they wanted to be APGO’s priorities:

o   Education for members that is convenient, accessible and cost-effective

o   National leadership on national and international mobility for P.Geo.’s

o   Ensuring Ontario employers only hire registered P.Geo.’s to conduct geoscience

o   Strong government relations to strengthen APGO’s role as the regulatory body of Ontario’s professional geoscientists

·         The number one trend that has the greatest impact on members’ professional practice is Mobility and Government Relations


What struck me about the survey results were the quality of the comments our members made.  Many were encouraging with respect to the association’s activities but also provided constructive feedback.  Geoscientist mobility is a very dominant issue with our membership.  I can say it is a top priority of the Council and one issue that is discussed and acted upon at every meeting.  Clearly the survey is reporting that members want more opportunities to network, to have access to education, and a higher profile in the minds of the public.  Some members wanted lower annual fees and a few others suggested the association be abolished once and for all. 


Council has received the entire survey and all of the comments and they will use these insights from the members to develop APGO’s on-going strategic plan.  On behalf of the Council, I thank the members for their interest and their concern for their professional association and regulator.

Copyright 2013, Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO)