Meet APGO’s Registration Team

As a regulatory body, a huge component of APGO is comprised of the Registration process.  The work involves a multiple-step process that includes rigorous review of applications received, follow-ups and in certain cases, referrals to the Registration Committee for further review and consideration.  Outside of this process, the Registration Team also handles all registration related questions that come our way via phone calls and emails. 


Aftab Khan, P.Geo, the APGO Registrar, is responsible for managing all aspects of the registration of members of the Association and ensuring compliance with the Professional Geoscientists Act, 2000.  The Registrar works closely with the Deputy Registrar, providing guidance as required. 

Aftab also goes out to the community speaking about the work of APGO.  Recently, he was guest speaker at an event hosted by Professional Access and Integration Enhancement (PAIE) Program.  PAIE is a publicly funded bridge training program designed to connect employers to highly skilled internationally trained engineers and geoscientists.   This program was developed by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority in collaboration with APGO and PEO.

Aftab can be reached at or 416 203-2746 ext. 27


Renée Coulcher, Deputy Registrar, is responsible for managing all aspects of the processing of applications for membership, with the exception of review for eligibility for membership.  She is also responsible for member information management, public register maintenance and member retention.  The Deputy Registrar undertakes other support duties as required to ensure the quality and efficiency of service provided to APGO members and stakeholders. 

Like Aftab, Renée also goes out to the community to represent APGO at various events such as symposia and conferences.  Renée will be in Sudbury on November 5 & 6 to attend the Ontario Exploration & Geoscience Symposium hosted by Ontario Prospectors Association.

Renée can be reached at or 416 203-2746 ext. 25


Yvonne Chan, Administrative Assistant, provides administrative support to the team and to the overall operations of the APGO.  Yvonne can be reached at or 416 203-2746 ext. 21.


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