Modernization of Approvals EBR Posting - Water takings


I am very pleased to let you know that a technical discussion paper regarding short-term water takings (currently subject to PTTW requirements) was posted on EBR moments ago - we encourage you to reach out to your respective contacts and members to submit comments – all are counted – so even if fully supportive, we would like to hear that as well.


The posting is for a 45 day public comment period (March 6, 2015 to April 20, 2015). In brief, the technical discussion paper proposes:

1) Clarification that in-stream diversion for construction purposes is not a water taking;

2) Exemption from needing a PTTW for pumping behind a structure used for in-stream diversion if erosion and sedimentation measures are in place ;

3) Exemption from PTTW requirements for the restoration and maintenance of a wetland;

4) Exemption from PTTW requirements for existing weirs;

5) Move from PTTW requirements to EASR if eligible and operating rules followed for:
    · Surface water takings used for road construction and maintenance purposes (e.g. dust suppression, compaction, etc.)
    · Construction dewatering for construction purposes where taking is not more than 400,000L/day on any day


The posting can be found by following this link


Following the posting of the technical paper, if a decision is made to proceed, the next step for this project is the development of draft regulations – which are also posted for 45 days before we then seek Cabinet approval on final regulations and implementation.


We look forward to meeting with you soon, if you have any questions before that please feel free to connect with myself or Ben Hatcher at


Sharon Reid
Manager Registry Development (A)
Modernization of Approvals Branch
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change


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