New Modular Style Grad Course


Structural Economic Geology in Mineral Exploration
Oct 27-31, 9am-5pm
University of Western Ontario, London ON
Biological and Geological Sciences Building


Resource Geoscience Western and the Department of Earth Sciences at Western University will be holding a short course on Structural Economic Geology in Mineral Exploration. This is a graduate level course that is also open to industry geologists as a non-credit course. There is a cap of 25 people in total and the course will run October 27-31 at the Biological and Geological Science Building, Western University, London, ON. Fees for non-students are $1500+HST for the 5 day course. The course instructor is Rogerio Monteiro, R.W. Hutchinson Visiting Industrial Professor and President of Vektore Exploration Consulting Corporation. The course will include:


1. Introduction and Tools and Methods in Structural Exploration and Mineral Exploration

2. Fold and Fault Geometries and Asymmetries, Joint & Vein Mapping and Frequency

3. Outcrop Analysis and Oriented Samples

4. Structural Analysis in Boreholes

5. The V-SET© Method and vKore-Structure software

6. Working with Borehole Images and drill core


For further information contact Robert Linnen, Director, Resource Geoscience Western,


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