Update from APGO Registrar, Aftab Khan, P.Geo.


Recent Diagnostic Study for nationally and internationally trained geoscientist under Admission Support Tools (AST) project under taken by Geoscience Canada revealed one of the following outcome: Set Realistic expectations for the time frame to applicants.


Setting applicants expectations regarding what the constituent associations (CAs) believe is an acceptable time frame for them to assess and notify applicants is important on several levels. Due to the volunteer-based structure of CAs it is understandable that they should want to minimize unnecessary contact; however, clearly establishing a realistic time frame to complete assessments will help minimize the number of calls from uncertain, worried and/or frustrated applicants. Based on survey results, if an assessment period of 12 weeks was established, 75% of applicants would find it reasonable. The remainder would require notification that their application requires additional time and an explanation of why. The lack of contact applicants currently experience while waiting for notification reduces their overall satisfaction with the process. It may also impact future geoscientists’ perception of CAs and of the profession in Canada.


You will be happy to know that APGO is already ahead in this regard and our time frame is 6 to 8 weeks which is clearly notified on our website. We make sure that applicants are kept informed of any unexpected delay from any party.


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