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PGO 2020 Networking Event in Timmins

Date:   Feb 05, 2020
Time:   5:30 PM
Location:   The Senator Hotel & Conference Centre, Ballroom A
14 Mountjoy Street South
Timmins, ON

Come and join us for an evening of learning and networking with professional geoscientists.  If you are a student but is not yet a member of PGO, please click on this link to register as a Student Member. This event will be hosted by Tafa Gomwe, P.Geo., North East Regional Councillor.
Guest Speaker: Brittany Ramsay, Department of Geology, Lakehead University

Presentation:  Mesoarchean Chemical Sedimentary Rocks of Northwestern Ontario: Implications for Hydrosphere Composition in Deep Time

Brittany Ramsay is a master’s candidate at Lakehead University currently researching Earth’s ancient atmosphere, to try and shed some light on how and when Earth gained free oxygen 2.83 Ga. The Mesoarchean carbonates on Woman Lake in northwestern Ontario preserve a chemical record of the ancient atmosphere through their rare earth element geochemistry and Sr isotope signatures. Detailed stratigraphic columns paired with geochemical and isotopic data permit a more complete understanding of the original depositional environment and evolutionary processes occurring at this early time in Earth’s history.

Brittany has worked for the OGS’s RGP office in Thunder Bay for two summers during her undergraduate degree and spent her last two summers working for Dr. Phil Fralick conducting field research on Archean carbonate deposits across Ontario including stromatolitic outcrops in: Wallace Lake MB, Sandy Lake, Norway Lake, Red Lake, Schreiber, Horseshoe Lake, and Matagami QC. She is building an interesting repertoire of Archean chemical sedimentary data to try and better our understanding of ancient environments in hopes of determining how Earth gained free oxygen, how these ancient microbial forms evolved, how they were preserved and their overall potential for ore and petroleum deposits.

Hors d'oeuvres will be served.  PGO will provide 1 complimentary drink.  Cash bar.

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There is no registration fee for this event.  However, attendees are required to register online.
Contact Information:  Marilen Miguel
Professional Geoscientists Ontario
Toll Free:  1.877.557.2746 ext. 24


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