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Change of Designation Application Request from GIT. to P.Geo.

Are you close to completing 4 years, or 48 months accumulated, relevant geoscience work

If so, you may be eligible to apply for a change of designation to full practising (P.Geo.) membership.

The change of designation is broken into two simple steps!

Step 1: Change of Designation Application Request

To change your designation from G.I.T. to P.Geo. membership, you will first need to submit the change of designation application fee of $78.75 (plus HST) to the Association.

Step 2: Additional Information/Documentation

Once your payment has been processed (see Step 1), you will be eligible to apply to write the Professional Practice and Ethics (PPE) Examination

As part of the change of designation application, you will be required to submit a Work Experience Record (WER) demonstrating at least 4 years, or 48 months accumulated, of the application of geoscience knowledge and interpretation, in reverse chronological order, as set out in the PGO Qualifying Work Experience Requirements - Schedule B.

Did you know?

An applicant may be granted:

  • up to 12 months credit for pre-graduation experience gained after the first year of university but prior to receiving a B.Sc. degree; 
  • up to 12 months additional credit for work experience gained during a M.Sc. program (in an area of geoscience), and; 
  • a further 12 months credit for work experience gained during a Ph.D. program (in an area of geoscience).

For additional information on work experience, including examples of completed Work Experience Records, please see the PGO website.

Once you have completed your WER, you will need to have the geoscience content verified in your WER by an additional THREE references (either: 2 Canadian registered P.Geo.'s, OR, 1 Canadian registered P.Geo., and 1 Canadian registered P.Eng. (who is qualified to conduct geoscience), AND, an additional 1 reference of your choosing. You will need to provide them with a copy of your completed WER, and the PGO Reference Form, and have them return both forms, to the PGO, either by:

e-mail ( or; 

mail (25 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1100, Toronto, ON, M5C 3A1, Canada).

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Assistant Registrar, Eilidh Lewis, by email or by telephone, toll free, at 1-877-557-2746 et 28. 


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