The PGO 2022 Virtual Symposium has been thoughtfully designed by professional geoscientists for professional geoscientists as a unique opportunity to engage with fellow practitioners regarding issues affecting our practice. We present four themes pertinent to everyone: intersectionality of Reconciliation with diversity and inclusion, professionalism, communication, and sustainability. These issues impact geoscientists and a broad community of non-geoscientists including regulators, government staff, professional and technical societies, insurers, legal practitioners, proponents of geoscience-related projects, and the public. Everyone is welcome to attend and engage with us and our terrific lineup of speakers.

The 2022 Virtual Symposium offers CPD content at a reduced fee to make it affordable and accessible to many. Register for the event early to enjoy an extra fee reduction.

On behalf of the PGO Symposium Planning Committee, we welcome you to join us for an engaging and fun event.

Best Regards,

Kristin Hanson, M.Sc., P.Geo.(Non-practising), FGC
Chair, Symposium Planning Committee


CPD Hours:  For professional geoscientists in Ontario and across Canada, this is an excellent and cost-effective way of accumulating continuing professional development (CPD) hours for 2022.


PGO gratefully acknowledges the work of the Symposium Planning Committee in putting together this online learning event.  

Kristin Hanson, Chair
Craig Waldie, Vice Chair
Joanna Eyquem
Simon Gautrey
Robert Hearst
Imshun Je
Trina Maher
Kristina Small

Andrea Waldie
James Whyte
Tony Andrews
Marilen Miguel