On behalf of PGO and the Symposium Planning Committee, we thank you for being a part of this year’s symposium on the topics of reconciliation, professionalism, communication and sustainability and climate change. Hopefully you have taken away lots of useful information to incorporate into your practice.

The 2022 Virtual Symposium recordings will be available to our symposium participants until June 30, 2022. For those who have not registered for the learning event but wish to access the recorded sessions, you can purchase access to recording(s) by registering online.

A big thanks to the Symposium Planning Committee and especially PGO’s Director of Stakeholder Relations, Marilen Miguel, for their hard work in putting this symposium together. Thank you to the Committee members for your great ideas and hard work to get this event off the ground. I want to particularly thank Marilen for supporting me this year and making my job easy. Marilen is the brain, soul, and beating heart behind this symposium.

Thank you to our Panel Co-Chairs: Imshun Je, Trina Maher, Jim Whyte, Simon Gautrey, Kristina Small, Joanna Eyquem and Alexandra Smofsky – you fleshed out your topics, recruited excellent speakers, and made the panels come alive with lively discussion. Thank you to all our wonderful speakers for sharing your knowledge and experience.

I will be passing the Chair to Craig Waldie for next year. Please give us feedback on your experience so he and next year’s Symposium Planning Committee can continue to bring you content that you find relevant in an accessible way. If you are interested in volunteering on the committee, please contact Marilen Miguel at

I also acknowledge our sponsors who made it possible for us to keep our registration fees low.

Best Regards,

Kristin Hanson, M.Sc., P.Geo.(Non-practising), FGC
Chair, Symposium Planning Committee


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Kristin Hanson, Chair
Craig Waldie, Vice Chair
Joanna Eyquem
Simon Gautrey
Robert Hearst
Imshun Je
Trina Maher
Kristina Small

Andrea Waldie
James Whyte
Tony Andrews
Marilen Miguel