Session C, July 14, 2020, 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ET
Building a Collaborative Work Environment 

Session Chairs:  Nicole Januszczak, Senior Exploration Manager, De Beers Group and Imran Khan, Senior Geomorphologist, Beacon Environmental Limited
A moderated Q & A will follow after the panel presentations.



Presentation 1:  The Value of Corporate Culture

Speaker:  Shastri Ramnath,
President and CEO, Exiro Minerals Corp. - SEE SPEAKER'S BIO

Corporate Culture refers to the shared values, attitudes, standards and beliefs of the members of an organization and is not a defined statement that can be hung on a wall, but rather is left ‘unsaid’. Workplaces and workplace attitudes have changed tremendously in recent times and 2020 is the year where all people in our society are taking stock of their lives. The ongoing pandemic and global uncertainty has given people the opportunity to reflect on their lives providing clarity on what is most important to them. People have shifted from “working for a living” to working for something that brings them happiness and pride along side people they enjoy. In today’s world, people value relationships and career fulfillment more than money. Workplaces that nurture positive corporate culture have proven to be far more sustainable and have a competitive advantage. With that, comes quality of work, innovation and corporate success. Companies and organizations that embrace and value the cultivation of corporate culture, will be the best corporate performers. Every organization has a corporate culture, be it good, bad or indifferent. What is the corporate culture of your organization and do you value it? More importantly, have you considered how you contribute to it?

Presentation 2: Diamonds in the Rough:  Women at the Forefront of Workplace Transformation

Kari Lentowicz, BSc, M.A. Disaster and Emergency Management, EP, PMP - SEE SPEAKER'S BIO

Women in mining bring many benefits to the industry including the area of mine rescue and emergency response. Women have long since been involved in the industry with a typical 3% world-wide representation. In mine rescue, women are represented even less. Their abilities in this area remain unnoticed and even discouraged. In 2018, Diamonds in the Rough attended the International Mines Rescue Competition as the first all-women’s team to do so. Their participation was intended to show the world that women in mine rescue are an untapped asset that bring many advantages to the field. Increasing diversity is a way to not only increase the bottom line for the industry, but increases safety with involvement in safe work practices and emergency response services.

Presentation 3:  Creating a Strong Corporate Culture:  It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Barbara Fox, CEO, Enterprise - SEE SPEAKER'S BIO

Barbara will discuss her approach to developing and maintaining a strong corporate culture and collaborative work environment.

Presentation 4:  What Happens When a Professional Goes Rogue?

Natasha Danson, Partner, Steinecke Maciura LeBlanc - SEE SPEAKER'S BIO 

We all know that teamwork and collaboration are important in a professional setting. But what can happen when a professional goes rogue? Join us on July 14, 2020 for an interactive session where we’ll discuss the serious consequences associated with failing to be a team player. We will aim to provide attendees with some concrete examples of what’s acceptable and unacceptable behaviour at work by highlighting some cautionary tales where professionals were penalized for failing to work collaboratively.

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