Navigating Professional Obligations and Avoiding Common Blunders
Jacquelyn Stevens, Partner, LSO Certified Specialist in Environmental Law
Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP

The APGO is the established governing body for professional geoscientists in Ontario. A registered practitioner of the APGO is included in the regulatory definition of “Qualified Person”.

Professional geoscientists live in a world of exposure to environmental risks and liabilities and have several regulatory requirements. Their highly regulated work compels their need to comply with laws, regulations and rules that define what should and should not be done. What is essential to mitigating environmental risks and liabilities is a thorough understanding of the regulatory framework.

Many common professional blunders arise from poor communication, failing to understand the requisite standard of care, missing issues altogether, and misunderstanding insurance coverage. Professionals get sued. They get prosecuted. Once found liable, they may have to pay damages or fines, or even go to jail.

Jacquelyn Stevens will review the regulatory framework that governs Qualified Persons in Ontario, and discuss some of the regulatory and ethical obligations. Jacquelyn will also review key professional “blunders” and liabilities drawing on our firm’s environmental lawyers’ experience.

About Jacquelyn Stevens

Jacquelyn Stevens is a Partner and Certified Specialist in Environmental Law at Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP. She has significant expertise representing a wide range of clients in environmental civil litigation, defence of prosecutions by environmental regulators, and at administrative appeals and hearings. Jacquie also provides effective advice and solutions for environmental due diligence and compliance, brownfields/contaminated site remediation, and environmental approvals for air, odour, noise and waste. Jacquie is called to the Bar in Ontario and Alberta

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