Review of Work Prepared by Another Professional Geoscientist
By Erica Richler, Partner, Steinecke Maciura LeBlanc

What are the professional obligations of geoscientists when participating in a peer review? Erica Richler, legal counsel to the APGO, will present on the APGO Guideline, “Professional Geoscientists Reviewing Work Prepared by Another Professional Geoscientist”. The presentation will provide an overview of the new guideline, including the obligations of both the reviewing geoscientist and the geoscientist whose work is being reviewed. Common challenges will also be discussed, including how to manage a geoscientist’s duty of confidentiality when a significant safety issue must be reported.

The APGO gratefully acknowledges Hub International Limited for their sponsorship of this presentation.

About Erica Richler

Erica Richler is a partner at Steinecke Maciura LeBlanc where she provides advice on all aspects of professional regulation. Erica has been practising in this area for over a decade. In addition to acting as general counsel and as prosecutor, Erica provides independent legal advice to hearing and appeal committees. Erica is a frequent speaker at regulatory conferences and regularly provides training sessions to staff and committee members of regulators.

Erica completed a clerkship at the Court of Appeal for Ontario following her graduation from law school. Erica also served as a senior policy advisor to the Attorney General of Ontario

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